Matthew and Kaine reach the Pink Ghost

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Matthew and Kaine became the first pair to rise to the Year 2 Pac Man Scratch Coding Challenge and navigate their way around the maze to gobble up the Pink Ghost. Here’s their successful Pac Man program.

Mia and Oliver came in a close second with their coding script. Most of the children reached at least the blue ghost.

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Seed Growth Investigation – Part 5 – 8th July 2014

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8th July Light

8th July Water

Our Conclusions

“We found out that plants need water to grow.” CARRIE ANN

“They won’t germinate (sprout) at all without water” FRANCESCA

“To grow healthily (tall white stalks with green leaves), plants need light” MIA

“Without light, cress still grows but it has yellow leaves and brown stalks” OLIVER

The children were asked if they thought that the seeds that hadn’t grown (the ones in the pots without water) were dead. No-one thought they were. They just hadn’t had the water that they needed to germinate in the first place. To test this, we added water to one of these pots to see what happened. We’ll post the results in a few days.

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Clay Tile Making with Paul and Becca – Thursday 3rd July 2014

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Year 2 have been making clay tiles to be displayed on the wall in the library of the new school building. Paul and Becca from PaperShaker came in to teach us how to add our designs to pre-prepared clay tiles, which have now gone off for their first firing in the kiln. They’ll be back next week for us to paint and glaze.

The pictures show :- 1) Some of Year 2 about to be chomped by the great clay T-Rex, 2) Year 2 busy designing and practising their decoration techniques, 3) the competition we had at the end of the session to see who could make the smallest human shape, with arms, legs and a head, that would stand up on its own and 4) the winners of the competition receiving the clay crown from Paul.


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Seed Growth Investigation – Part 4 – 2nd July 2014

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Time for the next round of observations. The children are already starting to make their own conclusions about which conditions affect growth the most.

2nd July Light
“All still growing but stalks for plants with no light are getting quite brown with very yellow leaves.” Carrie Ann’s Group
“Stalks bending towards the light. Dark green leaves drooping towards soil. Brown-ish stalks” Dylan’s Group

2nd July Water

“Plants with some water growing the best. Green leaves, tall white stalks” Kaine’s Group

“Plants with water look quite healthy and curly.” Faye’s Group

“No water pots – still nothing. Just seeds.” Oliver’s Group

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Seed Growth Investigation – Part 3 – 30th June 2014

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No comments from the groups today, as we were a bit busy with Sports Day, but you can see that most of the cress has grown well over the weekend. It’s clear that the cress with no light is still growing but doesn’t look anywhere near as healthy as the cress that has been in the light the whole time. It’s also clear that the cress without any water is not doing very well at all.
By the end of the week, the children will be asked to think about what they have found out about what cress needs to grow (and to grow healthily too) and to write their thoughts down in a final conclusion.

30th June Light

30th June Water

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Who will be our 1000th visitor??

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So, we’re on 999 visits for the year so far. Who will be our 1000th visitor ??
(please note – there isn’t a prize!)

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